Sunday morning, this arrived at the farm.


And with it came these.


Soon, there was lots of this.

Matt and his dad cutting wood

And a whole bunch of this.

Me splitting wood

By Monday evening (yes, that means this exercise in lumberjacking went on for a full two days), we had this.

Our new wood pile

Hello, crackling fires on cold winter nights

A huge thanks to Matt’s Dad for all of his work, time, equipment and expertise. He took down the tree on our first weekend and then came back to help us finish the job–and do battle with two huge stumps. End result is three rows of wood, each about 16 feet long, 5 feet high, and all of it cut, split and stacked.

I love my father-in-law’s wood splitter. You might say we cheated and didn’t do it the way a real farmer would. I say it’s magic. The best invention ever.

6 thoughts on “This

  1. Since you are not competitive lumberjacks nor professional cabin-dwellers, I call “no cheating” on the use of the log splitter. 😀

    • Thanks for the endorsement. I felt like I was in a sadistic lumberjack competition at times this weekend. Reality TV log stacking challenge here I come!

  2. We heat our house with wood so I’m all for the splitter. Definitely not cheating. I do recommend you age your wood if you want it well dried. Cover it just on top (heavy duty tarp perhaps) and let it sit a year at least. We usually wait 3. If it’s more for atmosphere, perhaps it’s less important. But do cover it to keep out the rain but let air flow or it’ll rot before you get to use it! Thanks for a great read and all the best. SJ – also renovating in Switzerland

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