An afternoon hike

Crossing a stream by balancing on a log

Bring your boots (and your balance)

Honeysuckle buds

Buds on a pink wild honeysuckle bush at the edge of the back field

A turtle covered in moss

A turtle covered in moss

Grassy grove

A grassy grove at the entrance to the trail


The only frog that would hold still for a picture

Old stone wall

An old stone wall back in the woods

Pine cone

A pinecone stuck to its branch

Deer tracks

Deer tracks in the mud


A deep spot in the marsh where the stream flows through

It’s pretty cool to go for an hour and a half walk, all on my own property. There were a few moments where I wasn’t entirely sure how to get back to the house.

What did you do with your weekend? Any wildlife sightings in your neighbourhood?

6 thoughts on “An afternoon hike

  1. I had several wildlife sightings in my neighbourhood. There was a large cinnamon bear hanging around my house and while I was cutting grass I realized I wasn’t alone when I turned around to and a black bear that couldn’t care less about the riding mower. We’ve got lots of geese with goslings around. Last night when I was watching TV two loons swam by the window, we’d only noticed one before. It’s a great time of year, although I run out of things to talk to myself about when I’m trying to let the bears know I’m going for a walk.

  2. The other night we had three baby raccoons in the grapevine, eating all the grapes with their tiny black hands. The grapevine leans right against the kitchen window, so I had the perfect viewpoint, only about a foot away. So cute!
    Your farm looks amazing. Wow, so much to discover!

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