Field of green

Hay growing in a field

Hay is getting high in the fields

Matt and I walked out the other night across the fields checking the hay. We have six fields on the property: the corner field, the front field, the back field, the far front field, the field behind the driveshed and the big field. Really original names, eh?

These shots are from the big field. To my untrained eye, it’s also our best field. The soil seems to be good quality, the terrain itself is nicely graded, the hay grows with minimal weeds.

Walking in the hayfield

For scale, I’m not yet halfway across the field. It’s huge!

This field represents about 12 of our 129 acres. It’s a bit of an unreal experience to walk across this much land and know that we own it. Or to stand in the middle of the hay and see how productive our land can be.

We don’t farm the property ourselves. We’ve rented the fields to a local farmer who is responsible for caring for them, tending the crops and harvesting the hay.


In case you want a shot without me spoiling the view

From the height of the grass, I’m thinking the first harvest will likely be soon. The sight of hay bales in our fields will be another fun first for us.

7 thoughts on “Field of green

  1. Sweet! Way to make your land work for you! Leasing/renting out your land is the best way to make a little money and have minimal headaches. The hay fields are lovely.

  2. At least your field names make sense. On our farm (well my husband’s really) there is one field called Jimmy Morin’s new land because he cleared it about a hundred years ago. Just some random guy they got to clear it. and I still dont know which field it is.

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