Fruits of the farm

We had our first harvest at the farm of actual edible food.

Black raspberry bush

This black raspberry bush is growing beside the barn

There are clusters of raspberry canes in a few spots around the property. I thought that they were all just regular berries until the ones on this bush started turning black.

Black raspberries

From tiny green berries to red and then to black.

I’ve been snacking on them every time I went up to the barn, and finally the other night enough were ripe to get a bowlful.

Bowl of black raspberries

It’s a small bowl, but a bowlful nonetheless

They were an excellent dessert to have with dinner–and exceptionally tasty with ice cream.

Black raspberries and vanilla ice cream


We’ve had strawberry season and now we’re in raspberry season. What summer fruit are you most looking forward to eating?


8 thoughts on “Fruits of the farm

  1. I also love love love peaches, but can’t eat them anymore, alas, due to fructose malabsorption. I also absolutely love raspberries and blackberries, but especially in things where the seeds are strained out. (High maintenance? Me?? Nah…)

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