It’s a long walk from the house to the back field. So the other night when Matt and I went to check on the trails, we took the tractor. Why walk when you can ride?

However, Wylie’s a one seater, so my seat is in the bucket.

Matt mans the wheel of the Kioti CS2410

The view from the front seat

You know the look a little boy gets on his face just before he pinches his sister or pulls her hair?

Matt raises the bucket

Look familiar?

Matt gets the same look when he raises the bucket.

The bucket is not the most comfortable perch. At six feet up in the air, it feels extremely unstable.

I should be clear that Kioti in no way endorses or condones my efforts to turn Wiley into a two-seater. In fact, the manual is quite clear.

Images from Kioti CS2410 manual

Only one person at a time!

As evil as he may look in the photo above, Matt is very careful with me, and eventually, he brought me back down to earth and we continued on our way.

With the help of a handy fencepost, we even managed to get a family portrait of the three of us.

Kioti CS2410

Ahhh, farm fashion of rubber boots always.

This was my first joyride on a tractor. Overall, it’s a pretty good way to get around.


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