Morning at the pond

Over just the last 24 hours, there’s been a change in the air. It feels like the cool fall weather has arrived.

Before I officially move on from summer, though, I want to share some photos from a warm sunny morning a few weeks ago.

Pink flowers by a pond

Down by the pond

I’ve said before that the pond is one of my favourite spots on the property.

Early morning as the sun is coming up is one of my favourite times on the property.

On this particular Saturday, I had both the pond and the early morning as I began my Saturday outside with the camera. I couldn’t resist these pretty pink flowers on the shore.

Pink flowers by the pond

Anyone know what these flowers might be?

As we head into fall, I’m already noticing that the foliage is fading and the leaves are becoming sparser around the farm. I now have a better view of the pond from the house, although I can’t see any pink flowers from here.

Is anyone else out there feeling the change in the air? What signs of fall are you seeing? Are you looking forward to fall?

9 thoughts on “Morning at the pond

  1. I was fighting the idea of Fall for a while now. I just have so many “Summer projects” that I have not finished! But I do like the cool air and crisp mornings!

  2. Still not officially fall here – low nineties in the day, sixties at night. But, the light is different. The sun is setting on a different track than summer and, even though it’s still ridiculously hot, it does feel like fall somehow. Love your pond. Our pond is my favorite spot too, though the lack of rainfall last year didn’t charge it completely and the hot hot summer has taken its toll and the water is very low. Herons are stalking the shoreline for bullfrogs, I imagine, since there are no fish. And the deer keep the grassy edges nicely mowed.

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