Taste is more than skin deep

Our beautiful spring blossoms have become slightly gnarly apples.


Nothing personal, but they’re just not that pretty

The tree appears to be pretty ancient and wild, so I didn’t have high hopes for its fruit. Especially when they turned out all lumpy and dimpled.

However, being the selfless individual that I am, I did pick one for a taste test to satisfy your curiosity.

Apple with a bite out of it

First bite of my gnarly apple fresh off the tree

Surprisingly, it was really good. Nice and crisp and sweet. The dimples were just dimples and despite the apple’s appearance the taste did not suffer.

The expression on my face is not reflective of the taste of the apple

The expression on my face is not reflective of the taste of the apple. I think I was still giving photography instructions to Matt at this point. I’m starting to realize why there aren’t more photos of me on this blog. And yes, I did cut my hair, and yes, I am looking exhausted. I think this drywall blitz is starting to wear me out.

Has anyone else gone apple picking yet this fall? What’s your favourite kind?

7 thoughts on “Taste is more than skin deep

  1. There are not many things better than a freshly picked apple. I find that the store bought “pretty” apples are rather lacking in flavor. My parents have a small apple orchard that was there when they bought their house 40+ years ago and the gravenstein apples from those trees are amazing (even if their appearance is far from stellar). I love going there during apple season with my two boys and picking the apples.

    Your description under that photo of you had me laughing! 🙂

  2. My parents used to absolutely love gravensteins. They grew up in Nova Scotia where they were fairly common. So we used to hunt around every fall to try and find some for them. We never did in Alberta, but were successful a couple of times in BC.

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