The heat is on

Fall is officially here, and I finally broke down and turned on the heat pump.

Thermostat screen

The temperature has been down as low as 17.5 over the last couple of days. Brrr.

I enjoy sleeping in the cool fall nights. With an extra blanket, I’m nice and cozy under the covers. However, once I’m out from under those covers, the cool fall mornings are uncomfortably nippy.

And now that the temperature is staying fairly cool through the days and evenings too, I was feeling the chill, even with slippers and sweaters.

Duck slippers

Matt’s slippers of choice, the ducks.

I had hoped to make it to Thanksgiving or at least the first of October before we turned on the heat, but we wimped out.

Go, go geothermal!

What about you? Have you turned on the furnace yet? Anyone else out there like their animal slippers?

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