Fall fair fun

My family always attended fall fairs when I was growing up. This year, as new rural residents, it was a lot of fun to be part of this annual celebration of rural culture.

Farmers big and small exhibit their harvests, everything from fruits and vegetables to hay and grains. People show off their preserves and baking. There are crafts including knitting, sewing, quilting, painting, photography and wood carving. The school fair showcases special projects by local elementary students.

There are historical exhibits, such as this threshing demonstration we watched.

Antique threshing machine

I believe the machine is from the 1930s. With all of the belts and wheels and pipes, it looked like something out of a Tim Burton movie.

Modern equipment was there too, including ATVs, UTVs and tractors.

Case 350 tractor

My dad, Matt and I check out the massive Case 350, just in case we decide to upgrade (Love you, Wiley!)

The fair is also a time to celebrate and let loose after all of the hard work of the summer. Look beyond all of the equipment, and you’ll see the main attraction of the fair: the midway.

Zipper midway ride

The zipper was my Dad’s favourite ride growing up, and now it’s mine. This one was the best zipper I’ve ever been on. The centrifugal force was amazing–I felt like we were going to fly off the track.

An integral part of the midway is the concession stands. My favourite fair food is the fresh cut french fries.

Eating french fries at the fair

Piping hot, nice and crispy, doused with gallons of vinegar and buckets of salt

And then there are the animals.


Obviously, dreadlock here was the camera-hog (or sheep), but take a look a ringlet’s lovely locks on the right

And there are the kids exhibiting their animals.

4H kids exhibiting holstein cows

Every single one of these cows had their own kid. Impressive.

And the birds.

Green Cayuga duck

This iridescent beauty is a (napping) Cayuga duck.

Including some I’ve never seen before.


This was a type of peacock

In addition to being a lot of fun, the fair did help me to solidify the animals I’d like to add to the farm. Tune in Friday to see who made my list. Hint: one of the species, but not the exact breed, is above.

What animals do you think I chose? What animals would make your list? Any other fall fair fans out there? What’s your favourite ride? And most important: how do you like your fries?

13 thoughts on “Fall fair fun

  1. Loved your blog today. As newbies to the country we enjoyed our fall fairs this year too. I am seriously considering getting three free range egg laying chickens. Holding me back is the commitment – We wouldn’t be able to leave them and go away over night to visit friends or travel.

  2. That fair looks like such a great time! I LOVE that peacock – he is so handsome!! I was also thinking you’d like some ducks. Maybe when you get to know your neighbours you can have chickens and relieve each other if you want to get away.
    The zipper was my favorite too, but I can’t go on it now. Ever since I was pregnant with my oldest son, I get super dizzy.
    Glad you got a break. 🙂

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