Animal farm

I remember just a few months ago when I used to window shop for shoes. Apparently, moving to the country has changed my priorities slightly, because when we were at the fair I viewed it as an opportunity to window shop for animals to add to the farm.

How my life has changed.

It turns out, if you have feathers, you’re on my list.

  1. At the very top is geese, specifically Embdens.
Embden goose

Someday I will tell the story of a very special Embden gander.

  1. Sticking with the waterfowl theme, next on the list is ducks. The funnier looking the better, apparently.
Muscovy duck

This very friendly (or perhaps aggressive) Muscovy duck actually pecked the camera just before I snapped this shot.

Indian runner ducks

Indian Runner ducks look like bowling pins when they’re not being so shy. These two get bonus points for being spotted like cows.

  1. Chickens. I would like meat birds and egg layers, please. Oh and probably a brave handsome rooster to look out for everyone.
Prize-winning rooster

Isn’t he a pretty boy? No wonder he won first place!

  1. Turkeys. I think this guy would come in handy right about now.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Canadians! (This guy is probably not very thankful it’s Thanksgiving).

We’re still a little ways away from expanding our family to include these fine feathered fowl, so for now I truly am just window shopping. Hmmm… maybe in the meantime I can find a pair of feathered shoes, thereby satisfying my apparent affection for feathers along with my undernourished appetite for fabulous footwear. Two birds, one stone, y’know?

8 thoughts on “Animal farm

  1. I think the rooster can also substitute for an alarm clock!! J One of my favorites, amongst many, are goats! — don’t know if you have ever seen or know of these! Happy Friday!

  2. Muscovy ducks do not play nice with others (ducks or people) so my guess is the one that pecked your camera was being aggressive not friendly.

  3. Bowling pins, I like that. One of the perks of this farm business will be getting home-grown organic eggs and chickens/turkeys. I’m sure they’ll add mightily to the entertainment factor, too!

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