Fall colours on the farm

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Matt and I took full advantage of all three days of the Thanksgiving holiday to catch up with family, food and, of course, work around the farm.

In between all of the visiting, eating and working, I went for a wander. The autumn leaves were at their peak everywhere I looked, so this means I have lots of pictures from all around the property.

Red maple tree behind the barn

The reds, golds, browns and greens of autumn foliage under a moody fall sky, with my favourite tree on the whole farm in the centre.

Red maple leaves

Looking up into the underside of my favourite tree

Forest of autumn leaves

Up in the canopy in the back forest

Fallen fall leaves

Fallen leaves down on the forest floor

Red maple tree

A bright orange maple on the shore of the pond

Autumn leaves

Coloured leaves on the border of the marshland at the back field

Hiking in the fall forest

Matt hikes along the trail on the east side of the back forest

Red fall maple tree

My favourite tree all dressed up for fall

What’s fall looking like where you are? Have you gone for a hike in a fall forest yet? How did you spend your long weekend?

6 thoughts on “Fall colours on the farm

  1. I was driving through your area this weekend visiting my parents for thanksgiving and I was suprised at how colourful the trees are. They’re definately at peak right now. Back in my area near London the tree colours aren’t that far along.

  2. Oh my goodness – those trees are amazing! I like the first tree, too – it’s right out of a fairy tale. Fall here is a little late in coming. I don’t think we’ll see much in the way of fall colors for another three weeks. But, thankfully, that crazy hot weather is finally gone and the days have been AMAZING. Chilly nights but the most lovely days – a cross between tee shirt and hoodie weather but of course I’m still in my flip flops.

    • It sounds like you’re finally feeling fall–flip flops notwithstanding! Glad you’re enjoying the change in the weather, Michele.

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