A new look

We had a new arrival at the farm this weekend: our first snow.

Snow on the fields

Flurries started on Friday night, and by Saturday morning we had a light dusting over everything.

Wild flowers dusted with snow

Our new landscape drew me out of the house first thing, just adding snow boots to my pyjamas

Standing in the first snow of the season

At the front of the house, I had an open view over the fields to the farm across the road.

First snowfall on the farm

Even the burrs look photogenic when they’re wearing a cap of snowflakes.

Snow covered burrs

Behind the barn, the lane to the back field and the woods also look particularly photogenic under a blue sky, bright sun and fresh snow.

Snow covered lane through the field

At the bottom of the meadow, the creek was flowing into the pond amongst the snow-covered boulders.

Snow on the creek

Back up at the house, our cozy abode under its first dusting of snow.

Our house with its first dusting of snow

Temperatures dropped over the past few days, so the snow stayed over the weekend. I’m hoping to have a true Canadian winter this year after a snowless season last year, so I’m happy to see the early snowfall.

What would be your reaction if you woke up to snow? Would you be outside in pyjamas and boots too? For some of my more southern readers, I expect a snowy morning would be a bit unexpected. Anyone from more northern climes, have you had your first snowfall yet? What type of weather are you hoping for this winter?

16 thoughts on “A new look

  1. We had some light furries over the weekend and this morning there is a dusting that stayed. No PJ and boots for me though. Its very very cold, or at least it feels that way to my unaccustomed bones. (from south/east Ontario)

  2. The photos are just beautiful! I love seeing everything under a blanket of snow. We don’t get snow every season. And it usually doesn’t find us until after January 1. We’re blessed to have a view of snow-capped peaks though and that’s enough for me!

  3. They teased us with possible snow flurries last night here in East Central Illinois but got nothing. I absolutely love a good snow and I am hoping after an extremely mild winter last year, we make up for it this year!

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