Wiley gets blinged out

Remember how I said Wiley likes to accessorize? Well, our little tractor is in heaven with a brand new bauble that arrived last week. And it’s a big one.

Rear mounted snowblower on a tractor

Subtle is not in Wiley’s vocabulary.

In case anyone doesn’t know what they’re looking at here, this is our new snowblower.

Rear mounted snowblower on a tractor

The sales rep from our tractor dealership goes for the first test drive (normally we will not be blowing 2 inches of snow)

Over the weekend, we got Wiley all set for winter, disconnecting the mower and hooking up the blower.

The mower deck has been scraped and scrubbed and tucked away for the season.

We even broke out our new grease gun and lubed up all of the fittings. Wiley’s affection for accessories became even clearer when he grabbed onto the grease gun and wouldn’t let go. After wiggling and jiggling and yanking Matt and I were starting to envision plowing snow with the gun dangling from the side of the tractor. However, through a combination of vice grips and pliers Matt was able to detach the gun from the fitting.

Sorry, Wiley, but sometimes less is more.

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