Forget jewels. I want tools!

I don’t know about anybody else, but the commercials that pop up this time of year talking about how really expensive diamond jewelry is the perfect Christmas gift are a little bit odd to me. Who has that much money to spend on a Christmas present?

But that could just be me. My Christmas list likely looks a little bit different than most women’s. At the top of my list this year is a Kreg Jig.

Kreg Jig

Photo from since I don’t have a jig of my own to photograph… yet

As the reno winds down, I’m realizing I’m going to have to start furnishing some of these beautiful spaces we’ve built.

Thoughts of TV stands and kitchen islands and sofa tables and ottomans and coffee tables and benches lead to web searches and Pinterest and project plans and Ana White and “I can build that!”

So it’s official. If I’m going to be building furniture, I need a Kreg Jig.

Oh, and some extra red Robertson bits (#8) and a new carpenter’s square would also be helpful. Jewelry would not.

Santa, are you listening?

2 thoughts on “Forget jewels. I want tools!

  1. Hopefully Santa is a follower… I agree, who buys gifts like that? And what strikes me even more is, would you actually go out and spend that kind of money just because you’d seen it on a commercial?? I like your list. Mine is similar: last year I wanted an electric staple gun, and the year before, one of those giant ladders that collapse really small. (Okay, I did see that one on TV, I admit it…)

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