The fruits of our labour

For the first time ever, Matt and I have grown food for our own consumption. Sure we’ve eaten food from the farm before, but we’ve never actually grown something ourselves.

Ladies and gentlemen, gaze upon these beautiful tomatoes.

A handful of red roma tomatoes

We worked for these tomatoes. There was watering and weeding, suckering and staking. Sweat and dirt was involved. Alright, not all that much sweat and dirt, but, still, we worked!

And the results are oh so tasty. In the words of Matt, “I’m not the biggest fan of tomatoes, but we grew these ourselves. I’m going to eat them forever.”

I think he meant that figuratively, but given the number of green tomatoes we have yet to ripen, we may literally be eating tomatoes forever.

Green tomatoes growing on a vine

Some other words of wisdom from Matt, “Bring on the canker sores.”

You won’t hear me complaining. Matt may not be the biggest fan, but I love tomatoes. Caprese salads, homemade soup, burgers, sandwiches… I see lots of tomato goodness in my future.

What about you? Are you a yay or nay for tomatoes? Any tips for avoiding canker sores? Anyone have any favourite recipes to share? Have you grown anything to eat this year? Do you feel pride in eating the fruits of your labour?

6 thoughts on “The fruits of our labour

  1. My tomatoes re-seeded themselves in after I left the wind-fall and split ones on the ground, so they have come back on their own the last two years. This year’s batch is the best ever – much stronger than the plants I bought and planted originally!

    BTW, have you ever tried fried green tomatoes? An different option for a side dish, especially once everything starts ripening at the same time and you can’t use them fast enough! Just dip tomato slices in an egg wash, and dredge through bread crumbs, Panko, etc. before pan frying.

  2. Those tomatoes look delicious! I think the home-grown ones have so much more flavour. My favorite “recipe” for tomatoes is to slice them, shake salt and pepper and maybe a bit more salt, and have them with bread and cheese. Mmm! I also am passionate about having them fried with parmesan sprinkled on.

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