Table for 2, 6, 10… everybody

Every time we have people over for dinner, I realize we need a larger dining room table. The table that we have fits four comfortably, six if we squeeze. A typical family dinner, no matter whether we’re hosting Matt’s family or mine, usually involves about eight people, not including us. Special occasions like Christmas or Easter when we add in extended family require a second table and lots of extra chairs.

Well, we may still need a few extra chairs, but we should now be set in the table department.

Antique dark wood dining table

I’ve been casually searching kijiji every so often (more popular in Canada than Craigslist), looking for a few very specific pieces of furniture. A couple of weeks ago, browsing the dining tables, I came across a beautiful antique dark wood table for an incredible price. I emailed, the seller replied, a meeting was scheduled. I borrowed my dad’s truck, we met, the table was examined, money was exchanged (a whole $130) and the table came home with us.

I know nothing about antiques, but I know I like this table. The unique legs obviously drew me in first. The size was what sold me: four feet wide by eight feet long when it’s fully extended. It has four leaves, and I think it could probably stretch to include a few more.

Triple curved legs on an antique dining table

At some point I may have some more leaves made. I feel like our dining room can comfortably accommodate up to a ten foot table. If we do add extra leaves, I’ll definitely need to also add an extra support leg of some kind in the middle. The table has a wee bit of a sag when it’s fully extended, but nothing too noticeable.

I would also like to have the top refinished someday. It’s pretty rough, but since I use a tablecloth most of the time, I can wait on the refinishing. The finish on the legs and apron is in great shape, so I’m hoping that I could find someone who would just refinish the top.

Damaged top on an antique wood countertop

I do need some bigger tablecloths. But not too big. I still want to see the pretty legs.

So who wants to come over for dinner?

Has anyone else had success with second hand shopping online? Any antique experts out there who can share what to look for in furniture? Anyone have any tips for refinishing furniture?


9 thoughts on “Table for 2, 6, 10… everybody

  1. I love the table Julia! When I was first married, I bought 4 Windsor chairs and an antique gate leg table for my kitchen from a flea market. Paid $85 for all. My husband refinished them and they served us for 10 years, When we redecorated years later, I sold the chairs for 150! It also occurs to me you have managed to purchase something which will keep you chair addiction alive! 🙂

  2. I love shopping on kijiji….but for us it’s mostly kid/baby stuff! It’s awesome because you save money and the environment!

    P.s. Love the table!

  3. Love the table! We have a similar one and it, too, is badly in need of refinishing. We got it for FREE from a friend – it belonged to her grandmother – and every time she comes over she comments that we need to get rid of it and buy a new one. I say throw a table cloth over it and enjoy! None of my dinner guests ever say the party would have been better with a newer table 😉

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