New Year’s Day skate

Ice storms are so 2013. For 2014, ice is going to be fun. We started on Jan. 1 with a New Year’s Day skate on the pond.

Ice skates on a frozen pond

Well, I was the only one who actually skated. Matt and Baxter just trotted around the ice rather than gliding.

Baxter and Matt walking on the frozen pond

Walking was safer than skating in some areas. Although the ice is mostly smooth, frozen coyote tracks here and there are tripping hazards.

Coyote tracks frozen in the ice

A few stumbles aside, a skate on my own pond was a fun way to kick off the year. This is how I’ll take my ice from now on, please… at least for the next month or so. In July I’ll probably want it cubed and in a glass. Although with the temperatures we’re having right now, the pond may stay frozen solid well into summer #polarvortex.

How did you spend New Year’s Day?

5 thoughts on “New Year’s Day skate

  1. I love that first picture of your skates on the ice. I enjoy ice skating when it’s outdoors. Not so much a fan of indoor rinks. I haven’t gone in a few years, but it’s always a lot of fun when I do.

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