A painter’s premonition

Matt’s grandpa was a painter. It was his hobby, and he was very skilled and prolific. Everyone in the family has a few of his works. This summer, Matt’s Dad came across a piece, and he immediately gave it to us. For our Christmas present, Matt’s parents had the painting framed.

It looks like it could have been painted at our farm.

Barn painting

What makes this a truly uncanny back to the future moment is that there’s a stump right at the edge of the driveway where the big centre tree stands in the painting. The small evergreens behind the barn ramp in the painting have now grown into our towering stand of pines.

Barns on a sunny, snowy winter morning

Matt’s grandpa died in 1991. I never met him. With this painting, it feels like he is a part of our life at the farm in a very meaningful way.

Do you have any artists in your family? Do you have a painting of your house or property?

17 thoughts on “A painter’s premonition

  1. Ok now that is very special!!! My sister is an artist! We don’t have a drawing of the old forever home but there is a local person in our area who does aerial shots every 5 years. So we are thinking once we are done we are going to pay to have one done.

  2. That is totally cool. We love the photo with the painting “in situ.” I have done many paintings of interiors and interior details, but never a “portrait” of any house where we’ve lived – well, maybe some little drawings of our current place for personalized letterheads. We’d love to see more of your husband’s grandfather’s work!

  3. That’s crazy! What a story. My Dad is an artist – all the art in my parents’ house is his (or my Mom’s Photography). There is one painting of his I have always loved (called The Rainhouse), and it hung in the Art Gallery of Hamilton for a while when I was younger. For my wedding gift, he painted another one very similar and titled it The Rainhouse 2. I love it! As a housewarming, he gave us another painting of his. All artwork in my house is either his work, my photography, or kids’ artwork! I love it – makes it so personal.

  4. That is very, very cool! Did you look at the painting and it felt like “home” right away, or did it take awhile to notice the amazing resemblance? And did Matt’s dad notice it before he gave it to you, or was it just a lovely painting to him? (It is lovely, by the way.)
    My mum painted pictures, as did her dad. In fact, my grandfather’s style was similar to your painting, though he tended towards boats and harbours. We have some of my mum’s, including one I totally love of a knot of rope on a ship’s deck. It was something she did as an exercise in an art class she took when I was a kid. I watched her paint it and loved it at the time, then found it after her death and framed it and it now hangs on my bathroom wall, where I actually do notice it every day.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. My father would be so proud to know that his painting is on display in your house. It’s too bad he can’t read all the flattering comments! My sisters and I used to laugh at his portraits but we always liked his landscapes.

  6. Love the painting, and I’m so glad you have it. It is beautiful, and so is your farm. My husband’s grandma is a painter and she paints these amazing landscapes. We have several of her paintings, and while none of them are of an exact spot we’ve been to, most of them remind me of some of my favorite hiking spots. Her art is very relaxing to look at.

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