Share your national cheer

Canada flag

Today is my favourite day of every other year: Olympic opening ceremonies.

I of course will be cheering for the Canadians, but I know many of you are reading from all over the world (or have family histories outside of Canada). I think it would be really neat to learn more about where you’re from. Please add your own national cheer to this post in the comments.

And to my fellow Canadians, please join in too.

Go Canada Go!

16 thoughts on “Share your national cheer

  1. 1. Branko loves that you guys have a flag!!!! How tall is your flag pole?? We are going to put one up at the Forever Home once we are ready!

    2. Both our back rounds are Croatian! I am sure we will get a Croatian Flag to raise during big Soccer Tournaments.

    3. Branko just talked last night that when we get the flag pole the Leafs flag is going to fly below the Canadian Flag if they make the play-offs. LOL

    • 1. We love that we have a flag too. It’s about 20′ tall (which is a story itself, because the guy I was buying the pole from only wanted to sell me two sections, but it would have been way too short). Look on kijiji and you might be able to score a deal.

      2. I love collecting different flags and hope to be able to fly more depending on the occasion.

      3. That’ll be the day!

  2. Oh, Canada! I’ve always loved the uniquely-shaped Canadian flag – so horizontal. As graphic design, it’s unsurpassed! Our house had a flagpole (actually, a “mast,” to use the proper term, because it was crossed by a “yard” from which to fly signal flags) before it was a house – it was the local Coast Guard Station during WWII. If our landlord would allow it, we’d put one up again, where I’d fly the flag of our home state, California. It is the “Bear Flag,” showing a grizzly bear, and is inscribed with “California Republic.” That’s because California actually was a republic, an independent country, before it was “annexed” buy the US Army in 1846.

  3. USA! Go Shaun White! I love the Olympics! We have a nice flag pole in our yard but we have not yet set up a proper light for it (and I guess I am too lazy to put it up every morning and take it down every night). That should be my first springtime purchase!

  4. USA! USA! USA! Love your flag and that you change it up on your flag day! Enjoy the Olympics, I’ve already got all the curling (every match possible) set to record to my TiVo! Thanks for blogging and sharing your adventures!

  5. Great post Julia! And great picture. My Canadian flag is braving the winds as well.

    Dan is probably cheering from Australia. Auntie Anne

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