Rituals and signs of spring

Waiting for our forsythia to flower has become one of my spring rituals since moving to the farm. For the past two years, my post on April 2 has been an update of how close we are to blossoms.

Our first year, the forsythia was in full bloom at the beginning of April. Last year, we weren’t anywhere close to flowers. It would take another month before the forsythia would be out in bloom. This year, we’re even further away from the bright yellow flowers.

Forsythia bushes annual comparison

So far in 2014, spring has just been a date on a calendar. I’m eagerly awaiting its arrival and the return of my forsythia.

What signifies spring for you?

8 thoughts on “Rituals and signs of spring

  1. Daffodils along the road side. That’s when I know. I did see a couple yesterday, so I know we’re getting close! My mom has a forsythia. I’ll have to ask her if it is showing any signs of blooming yet.

  2. You guys have had it rough this winter. For me, spring usually starts in the grocery store (a holdover from all those years in Alberta) with the first potted hyacinth. I pick it up with great joy, inhale deeply, and bring it home as the first sign of spring. Now that I live out here it’s not quite such a big deal, but I love, love, love the fragrance! And it still signifies that spring is coming.

  3. Spring for me when I lived in North Dakota/Minnesota was when you started to see any grass at all. Now I live in the land of “forever spring,” but it did feel like spring in January when I noticed some of the trees and flowers were budding 🙂

    Thank you for the email you sent me about Jon Katz. I tried to reply, but the message kept bouncing back. I appreciate that you thought of me. I really like his books, and I’ve read A Second Chance Dog. I really enjoyed it, and I can relate to a lot of what Katz writes.

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