When we moved to the farm, I thought there must be trilliums somewhere on the property. After two springs, though, I still hadn’t seen any. Then, on Monday morning, I found them. In the small grove between the front field and the east field, alongside the creek, there are trilliums. Lots and lots of trilliums.


For those that don’t know, trilliums are Ontario’s official flower. There’s a common perception that you’re not allowed to pick trilliums in Ontario. But, according to Wikipedia, trilliums are only protected in conservation areas or provincial parks (and in some areas in the States). However, picking a trillium can kill the plant.

Trilliums tend to be a bit elusive. They hide away in the woods and aren’t seen very regularly, so I’m super excited that we have some on our property. I even spotted some Jack in the Pulpit, which I’ve never seen before.

Trillium and Jack in the Pulpit

Happy spring!

6 thoughts on “Trilliums!

  1. We have them too here in Michigan, and it is illegal to move them. They are beautiful. If you have trilliums you might also have May flowers blooming right about now.

  2. When I was a kid and learned all the province’s flowers, the picture of a trillium definitely did not do them justice. They’re lovely – so white! It’s wonderful to find little secrets like that in the woods or fields. 🙂

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