Operation popcorn

You know those things that you have to do, want to do, but don’t really want to do? That’s this month’s project.

The plan is to start our master bedroom makeover. Step one is remove the popcorn ceiling (the fan’s on the list too).

Popcorn ceiling

I’ve been saving this project until I could open the windows, as there is likely to be a bit of dust and mess.

What are you up to this July? Do you have any tips for removing stippled ceilings? In the basement, I scraped some and sanded others. Sanding’s way messier, but I got a nice smooth finish and had to do less patching.

4 thoughts on “Operation popcorn

  1. Ugh! Popcorn ceiling. Why did anyone ever think that was a good idea? In our house we covered it with thin drywall. The covering part was quick but finishing drywall over my head is probably my absolute most HATED project ever!

  2. Scraping popcorn…ugh. We tried to do that in our old house, got partway down the hallway and found out we were dealing with asbestos. We had to stop right away and re-popcorn over what we had already done. It sucked!! And was quite worrying. So do find out before you start if your house was built with asbestos in the popcorn. As for the scraping, it wasn’t too difficult if the popcorn was wet enough. Could you scrape most of it off, then sand the last layer for smoothness?

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