Hand-knit felted slippers

A sure sign it’s fall for me is the return of slippers.

A sure sign I need new slippers is this picture. Shameful!

Holey slippers

My friends had tried to convince me to throw these out more than a year ago. Honestly, I completely agreed with them. The problem was I had nothing to replace my raggedy slippers.

All of this is to explain how I found myself spending time this summer sitting on a beach with knitting needles in my hands.

Knitting on the beach

Et voilà!

Hand knitted slippers before felting

Confused? Check them out after a few turns in the washing machine.

French Press Felted Slippers

Still confused?

These are French Press Felted Slippers. It’s my fifth time making these slippers. The idea is that you knit over-sized slippers out of real wool and then throw them in the washing machine in super hot water. They shrink down to the size they’re supposed to be and the material becomes stiff and fabricy.

Felting is a pretty neat process. The final product is very solid. You can even cut it and it won’t unravel like regular knitting.

However, I’m not relying on my slipper’s natural density to avoid having another holey situation. I had some leftover fake leather, so I cut some soles out of that and stitched it onto the bottom of the slippers.

Let’s try this picture again.

Leather soles sewn on knitted slippers

Much cozier without the holes.

Are there any other knitters out there? Have you ever felted anything? How about anyone else with holes in their slippers… or even your socks?


10 thoughts on “Hand-knit felted slippers

  1. They turned out great! Very impressive. I have darned a few socks back in the day, but not anytime recently. I crochet rather than knit. I’ve never made socks or slippers, but am working on a blanket for my step-daughter (that was supposed to be for her birthday over a year ago. Bad step-mom!)

  2. I have a cousin that does felting. She has made some mittens and a few Christmas ornaments. Unfortunately, I have never recieved any from her! I will have to put in a Christmas request!
    Your slippers are very cute. We wear slippers around our house all winter! One drawback to hardwood floors is they are chilly!

  3. I enjoy reading your updates as my wife forwards them to me. While the new slippers with the fake leather look and work so well, you could have retread the old ones with the same fake leather and probably extended their life for at least a year or so. lol
    Seriously, the new ones look great.

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