Fall iris

So apparently it’s not fall after all.

One of our irises has popped out in bloom.

Purple iris

Should I be concerned? I know the climate’s changing, but this seems a little off. This iris bloomed already this year back in the spring. Isn’t that normal? Aren’t irises usually spring flowers?

At the base of the iris, the blooming sedum and fallen leaves give away what season it really is.

Iris blooming in fall

Tell me. How weird is this? Have you ever had a flower bloom out of season?

9 thoughts on “Fall iris

  1. It happens with weird temperature fluctuations….after a few cold days, then it gets warm again and they think it’s Spring. Haha. I’ve had it happen a few times with other flowers. But I have enough trouble getting Irises to bloom at all – I can’t believe you’ve got some that are going for round 2! LOL. I do have a bush in the backyard that has decided to bloom again. Poor plants – no concept of time….they think we’ve had winter and come back to spring again! 😉

  2. How strange! I haven’t seen any irises down here but I did see some purple cone flower that look fresh like they just bloomed where usually this time of year they are all bug-eaten and brown and just ugly!

  3. Wow. Lovely. We’ve had strange occurrences on City Island this fall: snow-birds like black-capped chickadees and juncos appearing, which we think presage a very stormy and cold winter – but in October? And, yet, migrating warblers, a full month later than usual, flitting around our back garden at the same time!

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