One Room Challenge Week 5

We’re in the homestretch now on the One Room Challenge. Today is the second last post. Next week is reveal time. Make sure to visit Calling it Home to check out all of the great progress everyone’s made.

Fortunately, the laundry room makeover is in the homestretch too. My original project plan was to have all of the “work” done as of last weekend so that this week could be devoted to decorating.  Guess what? I’m pretty much on schedule (aside from my back-ordered cabinet hardware).

  1. Add shaker style trim to the cabinets
  2. Paint the cabinets
  3. Install doors and drawers
  4. Remove ceiling rack – By Oct. 3
  5. Patch ceiling and walls – By Oct. 3
  6. Paint ceiling – By Oct. 10
  7. Paint and install baseboard and paint window trim – By Oct. 10 Done Oct. 13
  8. Deep clean (sink, counter, floor, machines) – Oct. 13 Rescheduled to Oct. 19 26 Done Oct. 26
  9. Paint walls – By Oct. 17 Done Oct. 18
  10. Replace ivory washer outlet with white one – By Oct. 19 Done Oct. 18
  11. Level washing machine – By Oct. 19 Done Oct. 18
  12. Build and install ceiling rack – By Oct. 24
  13. Build and install towel bar – By Oct. 24 Done Oct. 25
  14. Install cabinet hardware – By Oct. 24 Rescheduled to Nov. 11
  15. Build and install light fixture – By Oct. 26 Done Oct. 25
  16. Remove non-working sprayer from the sink and plug the hole – By Oct. 26 Done Oct. 27
  17. Decorate – By Oct. 31

The laundry room is currently a mix of projects to be finished and styling that has started.

Laundry room mid-makeover

I know you can’t see very much here (I have to save some suspense for next week’s reveal), but it’s looking so good. I’m super excited.

The suggestion for this post is to talk about if our plans have changed. Mine haven’t really. In fact, I realized over the weekend how close I am to my original plans.

I’ve been thinking about this laundry room for a long time. I love Pinterest, and I’ve been pinning laundry room ideas nearly since we first moved to the farm (see my board). I knew I wanted to make a clothespin light like this one from Young House Love. I knew I wanted to replicate the rustic drying rack from Knick of Time. I made both of these, and they turned out pretty much just like my inspiration.

Although I can’t truly say “made.” The rustic drying rack is being a bit cantankerous. Today will be sixth–that’s right, 6–trip to Home Depot for pipe. The main hanging part is working, but the horizontal braces are a total Goldilocks situation–either too short or too long. I keep buying new sections of pipe, but so far I haven’t found the right fit. The plan for this afternoon is to have the staff cut me the exact length I need (fingers crossed I’ve figured out what that is).

Hanging rack made out of pipe fittings

Although I had most of the laundry room worked out in advance, I did add a few things mid-project (changing the ivory plugs for white ones and removing the sprayer from the sink). Those can’t really be called a change in plans, though.

Now I just have to stay focused on the finishing details. That means I need to stop thinking about replacing the faucet and remember that I don’t have time to sew a new cover for the ironing board. The finish line is in sight. Now is not the time for detours and add-ons.

Do yDo yDo your projects usually turn out like you envision? Are there any other Pinterest fans? Do you like last minute add-ons too? Does anyone else start styling before the reno is completely finished?

19 thoughts on “One Room Challenge Week 5

  1. Cutting pipe and threading both ends to screw on the floor flanges can be problematic when trying to fit the assembly between two walls. The second picture clearly illustrates the problem. The width of the flanges actually add length to the assembly when trying to fit between the walls an end up with the flat part of the flanges fitting exactly against the opposing walls.

    One solution is to run the flanges up on the pipe threads as far as possible to shorten the total length and then unscrew the flanges until they touch the walls. This may be a problem because the threads are tapered and limit the ability to shorten the assembly.

    Another approach is to have the threads reamed out of one flange so that is slides freely over the pipe. Mount the assembly with one flange screwed on and the other sliding freely on the opposite end of the pipe. Attached the threaded end to the wall. Then slide the opposite flange to the wall and secure with screws.

    Hopefully you have already solved your problem. Good Luck, Howard

    • Thanks for the advice, Howard. You described the situation perfectly. I’ve been working with various pieces of pipe trying to screw them together and get the right length. Tonight I had the person at HD cut me the exact length I need (I think). They look like they’ll fit.

  2. Sounds like you are right on track- I’m jealous because I SO am not! Good luck with the pipe and can’t wait to see your reveal next week!

  3. Can’t wait to see the finished space! I definitely start styling before a project is over and pick things up at stores as I go. I’ve tried waiting till the end before and kicked myself for not being able to find the pretties that are in my head : )

  4. Six trips to Home Depot?! You have the patience of an angel! It looks like a cool project though. I love pinterest AND laundry rooms so I am off to check out your board now. 🙂

  5. Good heavens I can’t start styling b/c my bathroom is still covered in 2′ of drywall dust. But my couch sure looks stylish with all the brass things perched and waiting for their moment in the sun. Good luck with your threaded pipe – and bravo to you for sticking to your plan and finishing ahead of the game!

  6. No to projects always turning out like I plan, yes to Pinterest, yes to add-ons, and yes to premature styling! 🙂
    I’m excited to see the finished laundry room! It’s going to be lovely.

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