Laundry room makeover

You saw the before and after of the laundry room last week. What you didn’t see was the cabinet hardware. Well, it finally came in. Between the sparkle of my new pulls and having an SLR camera for the weekend, I decided to reshoot the laundry room photos. You don’t mind do you?

Black and white shaker cabinets with chrome hardware in the laundry room

Clothespin light in the laundry room

Vintage washboard and red toy iron in the laundry room

Hanging ironing board in the laundry room

Black shaker cabinets with chrome cup pulls and knobs

Enamel basins and infant sleepers hanging in the laundry room

Matt's infant sleepers

Vintage wood hanngers on a hanging rack

Laundry room decorations

Towel rack made out of pipe fittings

Laundry room decorations

Laundry room

Thanks for your patience with my laundry room infatuation.


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