Two new feet

A neat thing about having a blog is that people know a lot of what’s going on in my life. Sometimes it weirds me out when people start talking to me seemingly out of the blue about something that I mention on the blog. Most of the time though it’s a neat way to stay connected with people I don’t get to see all that often. When Matt’s aunt came to our house for our annual month-before-Christmas party, she brought a perfect gift for us: some fun additions for the laundry room–these wooden sock forms. Vintage wooden sock stretchers Matt’s aunt is an avid vintage and antique shopper. Fortunately for us, she’s also a regular blog reader. So when she saw these wooden sock forms, she thought of our laundry room makeover and decided to give them to us for Christmas. They fit in perfectly with the rest of the eclectic art in the laundry room and echo the wood accents we have elsewhere. Vintage wooden sock stretchers Something else I like is that these feet aren’t a pair. One is a bit bigger than the other, so there’s basically one for Matt and one for me.

What are some favourite vintage pieces you’ve used in your decorating? Do you decorate your laundry room? Who else has relatives who shop for them?

9 thoughts on “Two new feet

  1. Those are cool! My mum had a bunch that were sort of a wire outline with the hanger part at the top. She used them continuously my whole life, for my dad’s and brothers’ socks. My mum was a big believer in wool socks (and wool blankets, which made me itch and she never believed me!) The sock forms were less about keeping the socks’ shape than to keep them from shrinking after washing. My friends thought we were super weird. 😉

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