Spring flowers, bulbs and sprouts

A colleague at work gave me flowers last week.

Wilted pot of spring bulbs

A little more wilted than you thought?

They’re actually hand-me-down flowers. Her husband gave her a beautiful pot of spring blooms: hyacinths, mini-daffodils and pussy willows.

She had no desire to plant the bulbs now that the flowers are finished blooming, so she passed the pot on to me. I think the flowers will make a beautiful addition to our gardens, but I’m most excited about the pussy willow.

One of the stalks has sprouted.

Pussy willow sprouts

Pussy willow is my favourite shrub. I’ve always wanted one. I know they root fairly easily. I hope I can keep this stalk alive, so that it will grow into a bush.

Anyone have any tips for growing pussy willow? What’s your favourite spring flower? Do you have bulbs at your house?


8 thoughts on “Spring flowers, bulbs and sprouts

  1. I guess if I had to pick, tulips would be my all time favorite, but I just love all spring flowers! They are such a happy sight after a long winter. I have only planted narcissus bulbs so far at our house. Every fall I say I am going to plant more bulbs and it never gets done!

  2. Pussy willows grow fast and large, so plant well away from your foundation! I had to take down our pussy willow tree because the former owners planted it too close to the house and the roots were trying to come through the foundation into the basement! Not ideal…

  3. That’s a great idea to plant your colleague’s bulbs. We have many random flowers in our garden that are having second and third lives after starting out as potted plants. We had a curly willow that was sprouting indoors all winter, then died after we planted it outside. I’m pretty sure it’s because we didn’t harden it off – take it outside for a hour the first day, two the second, etc. So maybe try that. Good luck!

  4. Crocuses are my favorite spring flower because they are the first to bloom and give me a feeling that Spring is finally here! My crocuses didn’t bloom last year which was a let down, but this year they are already open wide to the sun during the day.

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