Picking up after the litterbugs

I’ve decided that smoking, drinking and littering should all be added to the list of deadly sins.

Saturday was the annual spring clean up in our area, so I headed out with a roll of garbage bags, two pairs of gloves and, of course, my usual sidekick.

Litter clean up

Most of the litter that we picked up was cigarette packages, paper coffee cups and beer cans. Given that most of the trash was thrown out of the windows of passing cars, I’m concerned that so much of it consisted of empty containers that formerly contained alcoholic beverages.

So perhaps to clarify, the deadly sin should be drinking and driving, not just drinking.

The annual litter clean up invariably leaves me feeling disgusted with humanity.

Not all of humanity, though. This year we had professional help from 1-800-Got-Junk. The team was driving around the concessions, picking up the bags that had been left on the roadside.

1-800-Got-Junk team

Baxter was also his usual helpful self. He appreciated the opportunity to spend as much time as he wanted wading in the ditch.

Baxter wading in the ditch

When he tired of getting muddy, he returned to sniffing and sunbathing.


Here are a few highlights of this year’s clean up:

Various car parts–headlights, bumpers, hubcaps, a license plate. Our ditches are very deep, and apparently the stop sign across from the east field is invisible.

Car parts

SPB, I have your gloves… Well, two of them. The third odd one went in the trash.


We made it approximately halfway around our 2km of roadside. The grand tally over three hours of clean-up was three bags of garbage, three bins of recycling, three hubcaps and three gloves. Oh, and those three new sins.

Have you done a spring clean-up at your house? What’s the weirdest trash you’ve ever come across? What sins would you add to the list if you could?

6 thoughts on “Picking up after the litterbugs

  1. My old house was on a long stretch of secluded highway so I had to clean my ditches each time I mowed. It makes me irate! I think “litterbug” is too nice of a word, it sounds cute and people that throw out trash are NOT cute! Good for you cleaning up after them!

  2. My husband found an unopened bottle of champagne on the roadside while out running last week. He ran home the last two miles carrying it. We haven’t opened it yet, but I think we are going to try it out this weekend.

  3. My son was travelling across Canada with his band, nine of them in a VW camper van. When they were in Manitoba they found this bag on the edge of a giant cornfield. In it was a clown suit! It became an integral part of the tour, lol!

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