Simple belt storage solution

When we switched bedrooms, we switched closets too. I knew one thing I wanted to improve in the new closet was my belt storage. They’ve been tangled and tossed onto a shelf since we moved in.


When I still lived with my parents, I came up with a solution that worked very well for belts: cup hooks.


In the past, I’ve screwed the cup hooks directly into the drywall or plaster of the wall. However, this time I decided to go for something more portable so that I can move it if I ever relocate closets again. Screwing the cup hooks into a length of wood worked. Then I simply screwed the wood into the wall of the closet.

Simple belt storage solution

Super simple DIY. Super simple storage. My happiness is not commensurate with the simplicity of this project.

How do you organize your belts? Who else is a fan of cup hooks? Does organization make you happy?

8 thoughts on “Simple belt storage solution

  1. Great idea! I have a slide out belt holder in my closet, but this is great! It’s also a great way to organize necklaces and keep them from getting tangled up, too. I found a flat board that I painted and put several rows of cup hooks to hold all of my necklaces. No more hair-pulling, tangled masses of chain! 🙂

  2. I love organization! I don’t have enough belts for that, but it’s great. I also love recovering previous levels of organization, long after a move. Feels so good!

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