This is going to be our third summer on the farm. Our flower gardens are finally looking like gardens, not just random plants stuck in a big expanse of dirt.

Gardening takes work and it takes patience, but oh it pays off. It totally pays off.

The ferns that I transplanted last year have all sprouted, we’re going to have a ton of peonies, and our irises are amazing.

When I was growing up, my parents had some beautiful irises in their gardens: blue, peach and dark purple. When I was setting up the gardens here at the farm my parents were taking out the last of their irises–the purple ones–and they gave me a bunch of plants. The stalks have taken root and they’re blooming prolifically. I love the frilly showy blossoms.

Dark purple iris

Iris from above

Out on the turnaround, one particular plant has given us two-tone blossoms. Light purple on a couple of stalks and dark purple on the rest.

Light purple and dark purple irises

Close up of a purple iris

I especially like the purple veins of the buds.

Iris buds

You might recall that the farm came with a whole bunch of plants still in their nursery pots. Last year, I finally stuck them in the ground. This spring, I’ve discovered that some of them were miniature irises.

They must be happy to be out of their pots because they’re blooming like crazy.

Miniature irises

I’ve been feeling like the gardens are finally established this year. Plants are filling out and blooming. I’m focused more on maintenance rather than actually building the gardens. It’s nice to see the fruits–or the blooms–of my labour.

How is your garden growing? Do you have any irises at your house? What colour are they? Who else is an iris fan? What’s blooming at your place?


10 thoughts on “Irises

  1. I love those irises! I had the same colored ones at my old house. They are so dramatic and gorgeous. This is our first summer in our new house, so we are just finding out what will come up. So far we’ve had a handful of irises (I just wish they lasted longer), a few peonies, some roses, and some Easter lilies. The best surprise was that our koi pond sprouted some water lilies! I don’t think I’d ever seen any before in real life, and they were so gorgeous. I never get tired of inspecting flowers. 🙂

  2. Those irises are gorgeous! I’ve always liked them, they are such a regal looking flower. Maybe it’s time I planted some on my farm too, thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  3. I have a small patch of Irises that I think needs thinned out and spread around the yard because they produce very few blooms. The few we had this year were a very pale yellow and they are at a place in the yard where I can’t see them from the house. I guess I have just added something to my to do list!

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