It never rains but it pours

For the past few years, it seems we’ve gone from winter to summer. Just skipped over spring completely. This year, we’ve seesawed back into winter a couple of times (brrr). But we’ve definitely missed spring–and its spring showers.

The grass seed that I sprinkled has sprouted–thanks to diligent daily waterings.

Grass seed sprouts

Our fields are going green and our soybeans are growing, but my hose doesn’t help them, and I wasn’t sure how long they’d hang on without rain.

Soybean field

Soybean sprouts

Saturday morning, we watched clouds building to the north of us, wondering if rain was finally going to fall. (If you look closely, you might be able to see the bright green watering can halfway down the driveway, next to a newly planted tree).

Rain clouds at the end of a country driveway

A few hours later, we had our answer. Yes, it was finally raining, but it was pouring. More water than the dry, dry ground could possibly absorb.

It doesn’t seem like we just have rain anymore. It’s either a deluge or nothing. Maybe the gentle rain is hanging out wherever spring has gone.

Pouring rain over a country driveway

Poor Baxter did not appreciate the cooling moisture as much as the plants did. Apparently, melting from the heat is preferable to melting from rain.

Baxter hiding from the rain

The torrential downpour did eventually ease. By the end of the weekend, we had a full day and a half of rain.

So I won’t have to do any watering for a little while.

What season is it where you are? What season should it be? Have you had too much, too little or just enough rain? Are seeds sprouting where you are? Does your dog like the rain?

8 thoughts on “It never rains but it pours

  1. Our dog, Millie, loves the rain. She is a lab though, so keeping her out of the water is harder than getting her into it. 🙂 It has poured here for around 24 hours.

  2. Aww, poor Baxter! Lol. The weather is so weird now. I don’t see how anyone could possibly keep discounting and denying that things are unpredictable to a much greater extent these days.
    We have had a long, dry spring. That’s highly unusual for Vancouver Island. Our plants are all blooming together – the spring ones, summer ones and even some of the fall ones! It’s beautiful, but kind of crazy. I hope the summer ones keep going so we aren’t just green and brown through July and August!
    Bear doesn’t mind the rain too much, but he’d do what Bax did if we left him out for any length of time. He’s only interested in being in it as a means to an end – such as a walk in the forest or somewhere fun.

  3. How strange as far apart as we live, our weather has been so similiar! We needed rain so badly and we got over an inch in about an hour’s time on Saturday! Almost too much too fast!

    Oh, that is the saddest picture of Ol’ Baxter! If it was mud he probably would be happy to be in it. Treu is getting crankier in his old age (12 year old German Shepherd). He starts getting skittish as the bad weather rolls in. I can usually find him curled up in his straw bed in the barn and then I know that bad weather is on it’s way. He tries to get underneath me by any means possible when the thunder and lightening are near!

  4. That photo of your dog is precious. It is rainy and unseasonably cold here. Weird. I am enjoying the coziness and eating heavy comfort foods instead of summer salads!

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