Back up power for an electric sump pump

Since the first rainfall two weeks ago, we’ve now had rain steadily for nearly two weeks. Often, it’s not gentle rain. Deluges and thunder storms have been the name of the game.

Our sump pump kicks in often, especially with a heavy rain.

Sump pump pit

The big worry is that thunder storms bring both rain and power outages. Without power, our sump pump doesn’t run. We’ve not lost power yet, but it’s Matt’s biggest worry.

Does anyone know if there’s a battery back up system you can add to a sump pump?

There are benefits to having a generator, and we may go that route someday. For now, I’d love to hear if anyone knows about sump pump solutions.

8 thoughts on “Back up power for an electric sump pump

  1. It sounds like you are getting your rain plus our rain! We’re having an incredibly dry spring here.
    I know nothing about generators and sump pumps, so can’t help, sorry!

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