Stop and smell the flowers

I had a different post in mind for today. But the project for that post is not done. So instead you get a reminder from Ralph to stop and smell the peonies.

Apparently, I’ve been doing a bit too much of that, hence no project for you today.

Grey cat and light pink peonies

Grey cat and light pink peonies

Grey cat and light pink peonies


I hope that you have a great weekend. Make like Ralph, and take some time to relax!

10 thoughts on “Stop and smell the flowers

  1. Ralph is a wise cat, and very cute, too! Peonies are one of my very favorite flowers. Mine always get top-heavy and fall over quickly, but that’s okay–it just gives me an excuse to cut them and bring them inside. 🙂

  2. Those are gorgeous peonies! Just beautiful. We have a peony tree which was very prolific this year. Peach colour/taupe blooms that smell a bit like cold cream. 🙂

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