Garden update

Unlike Mary, Mary, I am not feeling at all contrary. I am feeling quite excited. Our garden is growing!

Matt and our rototiller Fairfield were hard at work again this past weekend, and they got the whole garden tilled (or at least the half that we’re using this year) for the second time. I weeded where Fairfield couldn’t reach and went over everything with the cultivator to pick out the last of the roots.

We still need some more chainlink for the fence, we still need a gate, and we still need to pull out the weeds along the rest of the edge (and of course there’s the whole other half of the ring to clear), but it’s already looking like a garden.

Vegetable garden

And we’re going to have a harvest.

The tomatoes are big enough that Matt had to put the cages around them. Blossoms are forming and even a couple of very small tomatoes.

Tomato plants with wire cages

Squashes are our main crop. First is the zucchini.


Then there’s the butternut, acorn and pie pumpkins.

Squash plants

In the middle of the garden is the beginning of the first of two rows of raspberries. I got them from my parent’s garden last weekend, and they all seem to have rooted.

Raspberry canes

What’s not doing so well are the bush beans. I don’t know what’s happening, but they don’t seem to be very happy.

Bean sprouts

Also not so happy are the peppers. I think maybe they’re not getting enough sun because they’re up close to the fence, and they were a bit shadowed by weeds.

However, one in particular has been grievously abused by two weekends in a row. First Fairfield uprooted him, and then I got a little too close with the cultivator and pulled him out again. Hopefully he recovers.

Wilted pepper plant

The crop that seems to be thriving the most are the rutabagas. I think every single teeny tiny seed sprouted. I still have no idea what one does with rutabagas. I’m going to need to figure it out, though. Look at how many there are!


Since taking these photos, we’ve also planted potatoes and lettuce. So much goodness!

There are no silver bells or cockle shells, but I’m not sure I’d want them. I’m more into edibles this year. Vegetable garden 2015 is happening!

Any advice on the beans or the peppers? How about some ideas for the rutabagas? Anything else we should consider planting this year?

8 thoughts on “Garden update

  1. Everything looks so great! My only reaction to something not growing is to water it. I know that is not always what it needs. Rutabegas must be like radishes, two grow for every seed you plant! ;D

  2. I always have trouble with peppers. No idea why. Cucumbers are easy, and peas are good too. I also like to grow some salad greens.

  3. Aren’t rutabagas the same as turnips? I have a good turnip casserole recipe that involves applesauce – yum! If you want it I could send it. The garden’s looking good! If you typed in “growing peppers” on pinterest, you’d find lots of pins specifically about successfully growing them, troubleshooting etc. (Or beans, whatever.)

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