Uncovering a favourite perch

So you have a spot like this in your yard, right? Somewhere that you just let things go a little bit?

Overgrown clump of weeds

My pledge this year is to not worry about the yard and focus only on the vegetable garden. But this clump of overgrowth at the edge of the south lawn finally got to me. My inner Edward Scissorhands came out (along with a pair of clippers, since I don’t actually have blades on my hands).

Who knew there was a dead curlicue bush, a mostly dead catalpa, a huge flowerpot and two stone benches hidden in there? (Well, we did, since we’ve seen them before… and put some of them there during our previous yard clean-up episodes).

Trimming bushes

The bush and the tree froze to death last winter. The big flowerpot is a gift from previous owners that I haven’t bothered to get rid of yet. The benches? Well, the benches belong to Ralph.

While she didn’t express gratitude (are cats capable of gratitude?), I think she appreciated our work.

The benches allow her to ascend to the perfect height for convenient scratching.

Ralph getting scratches

But most importantly, the benches allow her to assume a superior height over her brother.

Ralph and Baxter

So our landscaping meets with the cat’s approval, if not the dog’s. Now to convince Matt to get out his chainsaw and deal with those dead trees…

Do you have an overgrown spot at your house? Does anyone else’s animals “help” with the yard work? What furniture belongs to furry friends? Who’s the boss, your cat or your dog? (I think I know the answer to the last one… in my experience that relationship only goes one way).



4 thoughts on “Uncovering a favourite perch

  1. You had treasures under there! Weeds can take over so quickly.

    At our house, the two dogs are for sure in charge and have us wrapped around their paws. The cat just does her own thing. But she does get extra treats when she kills mice in the barn!

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