Pepper problems

Anyone have tips for growing peppers? Our plants aren’t doing so well over here.

Remember this picture of the little pepper and blossoms from a few weeks ago?

Baby pepper and pepper blossom

Well, the plants haven’t grown at all. In fact, they’ve regressed. See the little green nuggets laying on the soil?

Little pepper plants

The little peppers fell off their stalks. (My finger is in the shot for scale to show you how little the peppers grew).

Baby pepper

The peppers are the only things that aren’t doing well in the garden.

I thought maybe they weren’t getting enough sun, but we’ve planted two different batches in two different locations.

We’ve tried jalapenos as well as sweet red bells.

None of them are growing.

Do you have any tips?

6 thoughts on “Pepper problems

  1. Ugh, I always have the same problem. I can never grow peppers. Everything else grows like weeds, but peppers never get big enough to actually harvest. Sorry – not much help, but I can share in your frustration.

  2. I don’t know a lot, but I know peppers and tomatoes love heat. So, if the nights are too cool and too long, they may just not be getting enough warm hours. If there is a lot of moisture, maybe the soil isn’t draining properly either. The too-wet conditions might be creating a fungus or rot of some kind.

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