Three weeks left to get my act together

Ladies and gentlemen, I have to inform you that this is the first post of December. We have just three weeks until winter.

And that means I have just three weeks left to finish up my fall to-do list.

I’m actually not doing too bad.

The vegetable garden – Done for the season

As you saw last week, I’m declaring the vegetable garden done for the year. Never mind that I didn’t finish everything I wanted to. I have high hopes for productivity come spring.

Frost covered raspberry cane

The bird feeder – Done for awhile.

Our birdies are loving the feeder. So is Ralph. She camps out under Matt’s car and watches the feeder intently. So far, I don’t think she’s caught any birds. A trio of neighbourhood crows showed up on Sunday morning. If Ralph wants to deal with them, that would be fine with me.

Firewood – Done thanks to Matt and his Dad.

Here is my view as I type this post. I love our evenings in front of the fire.

Stone fireplace decorated for Christmas

Get Wiley ready for winter – Done thanks to my cousin.

Our little tractor will need his snowblower soon, but the rest of him is ready for winter.

The house – Almost done.

Matt cleaned out the gutters again a week ago, and I took off the screens last Saturday–Baxter thought we should go on a third walk instead.

Baxter waiting while I take off the screens

The outdoor water is off, and all that remains is the annual service and filter replacement on our indoor water system. That’s scheduled for next weekend.

So only one thing left to do before winter. That’s probably a good thing because I have a long list of things to do before Christmas. At least life is never boring.

How are you doing on getting ready for winter? What progress have you made in getting ready for Christmas?

2 thoughts on “Three weeks left to get my act together

  1. You are doing well! What a nice feeling, to be all prepared to cozy down on your farm before winter sets in.
    We have had a definite set back in our winter prep, The foundation sprang a leak and our kitchen was flooded twice during the last two storms we’ve had. They’ve pulled up the floor and had the foundation assessed. It needs a waterproof membrane around the bottom of it, but so many people are having flooding issues that it can’t be fixed till January. x_x So we have a ripped out kitchen floor, definitely not something that was on my Christmas list! On the plus side, we are not the ones paying for it.

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