Good thrifting week

Last week was a good thrifting week. On Thursday I scored a rocking chair (for our someday front porch).

Even though my backseat was (obviously) full I stopped at another Value Village and found something else I wanted. I’ve been looking for a large metal shelf, but I was loath to spend more than $100 for something new. Finding one second hand for $30 was a no-brainer. Of course it was huge and there was no way it was coming home with me when my car was already loaded.

Thrift store metal shelf

Fortunately, when I returned the next day, it was still there.

And now it’s in our cold cellar (a room that’s impossible to photograph thanks to no windows, fluorescent light and a whole lotta concrete).

Home decor storage in the cold cellar

This may not look like much, but it’s a big improvement over what was here before.

The previous owners left us a desk, but when it came to storage or organization it was pretty useless.


I’ve been stashing some of my overflow home decor in the cold cellar, and it was time for an upgrade. Up being the operative word. We all know that using vertical space is the best organization technique there is.

Now I have a place for all of my home decor accessories–including my very own lighting emporium. (And a reminder that future thrifting trips should not include anymore lamps).

Lighting storage

Gathering lights, shades, baskets, bins, trays, shelves and bottles from all over the house and consolidating them in the cold cellar made me very happy last weekend. I even unpacked two boxes that have been packed since we moved to the farm… nearly four years ago.

I love getting organized. Almost as much as I love a good thrifting score.

Have you done any thrifting recently? What do you like to buy? I knew I had a thing for chairs. The lighting obsession was a bit of a surprise. Do you have a home decor stash? How do you store your home decor? Who else loves getting organized?

15 thoughts on “Good thrifting week

  1. Great finds! That shelving really comes in hand. love thrifting! I love to look for clothes and other fabric items that could be turned into something else. I buy most of my clothes from thrift and consignment stores too.

  2. I love thrifting or yardsaleing when I have a goal of something to look for. When I am just wandering aimlessly, I end up picturing it all as just clutter!
    I did see a cute plant marker on Pinterest made out of old spoons so I am going to add that to my treasure hunt! My mom and my brother’s girlfriend are both avid yardsalers! They often find some great deals!

  3. Haha, I wonder why lighting places are always called “emporiums”?

    I’ve spent the last three years “un-thrifting”. I also LOVE a good thrift score, maybe a little too much… Since we moved to the small place, I’ve been donating, donating, donating. But now I’m on the hunt for a few good quality kids’ toys, and thrift stores are a good place to start. Last weekend we did well, with a firetruck riding toy in great shape for $2. $2!! You can’t beat that. It’s had $2 worth of use and more already. 🙂

  4. Count me in on both thrift stores and organizing. That’s one thing I love about having a break from the garden over the winter – it gives me the chance to focus on the inside of the house without feeling guilty about whatever needs to be done in the garden.

    I love furniture finds, especially those that you can refinish & transform, but there really is only so much furniture you can put into a house! And then there’s time – I’ve had a set of drawers sitting in my garage for over a year waiting for their makeover.

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