The best and the worst of people

I’ve written before about people throwing things in our ditches. A couch. A printer. Litter.

Last week, as best we can guess someone threw a cigarette. Now on it’s own, a cigarette is not an unusual find. Butts are plentiful on the shoulders of the road and in the ditch.

Cigarette butt on the side of the road

However, this butt ended up being unusual because we haven’t had much rain this spring. We ended up with a fire.

Aftermath of a ditch fire

When Matt arrived home from work, he was greeted by good Samaritan who had spotted the flames, pulled over, poured her water bottle over a smoldering fence post and called the fire department.

Burned fence post

We are very thankful that damage was minimal. The tree that was in the centre of the fire has some singed leaves, the fence posts are slightly charred and a patch of grass is ash.

Tree leaves singed by fire

I keep thinking about the Fort MacMurray wildfire and being grateful that this didn’t take off. The woman who stopped said to Matt she was surprised that no one else pulled over. We’re very thankful to her as well.

So litterers… the worst. Our impromptu firefighter… the best.

6 thoughts on “The best and the worst of people

  1. Scary!!! As soon as you mentioned “cigarette butt”, Fort Mac was the first thing I thought of too. O_O Thank heavens for the responsible passerby…

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