Happy fall from Illinois

Lots is happening in Illinois this fall. Sarah is here today with a whole bunch of updates–and some very exciting news.

Happy fall! I thought this week I would give you a review of what has been going on around here and a little sneak peek of what we are preparing for.

Harvest is in full swing here. Steve has been working long hours every day in the combine. It seems like every field on my drive to and from work is either already harvested or has farmers in it working hard.

The view from our house is opening up since we have fields on all four sides. But I have to admit; with or without crops our view isn’t too bad.

The chickens are doing great. They have become very comfortable here.

Maybe just a little too comfortable.

I can pretty much count on getting two eggs a day from them.

From everything I have read, four chickens should average about three eggs a day. So I think they still have some room from improvement. We have been catching grasshoppers from the fields for them and they have learned who brings them the treats. They follow us around the yard all of the time.

One project that we are currently working on is building a garage inside of our pole barn. I have decided to do one large recap of that when we finish, but here is a hint of what we have been working on including pouring a concrete slab for the floor.

And finally, if you follow me on Instagram you already know the most exciting news: we are adding four legs to our family. I will give him a formal introduction once he joins us, but here is my first picture with him on the day I picked him from the litter.

Our house is about to get a whole lot busier.

What does fall look like at your house? What crops grow in your area? Any suggestions on introducing the new puppy to the chickens?

Aaah! That is very exciting, Sarah. New chickens and new puppy all in one year. You’re more ambitious than me. As cute as that fluff ball is, I think I’m most jealous of your fresh eggs and your new garage.

5 thoughts on “Happy fall from Illinois

  1. my wife sent me this link we are mid the same loan issues you had, 149 acres with a house built in 1824, your blog was really a nice shot in the arm that farm life is going to be everything we think it is

  2. Aww, what a cutie!! How old is he and when will he join your family?
    The chickens are gorgeous! Sleek and shiny. So funny that they go up on the chairs around the table. And the eggs look wonderful.
    Will you be adding garage doors to your pole barn or will it be more like a car port? It looks great so far.
    Happy fall, Sarah!

  3. Thanks Jan!
    The puppy will be joining us two days shy of his 8 week birthday.

    I am just learning about chickens of course but they sure seem happy and healthy to me. I hope I can continue to keep them that way. Although, we are not a fan of them being on the patio furniture. Chickens don’t seem to clean up after themselves.

    There will definitely be garage doors added. It will be a full functioning garage for Steve, we even bought a used car lift to be installed in there.

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