Growing sunflower seeds

It’s been neat to watch the sunflowers go through their various stages of growth.

More than a month ago you saw the cheery blossoms.

A couple of weeks ago, the seeds started to come in. The spiky flowers in the centre of the blossom dropped off to reveal the tightly packed seeds.

Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds

It was about this time that the local wildlife seemed to discover the sunflowers.

I had hoped to get another photo this week, but the flowers have been nearly picked clean. Most of the seeds have been consumed.

The biggest culprits are the blue jays. Any time I walk past the garden, at least six jays erupt from the sunflower patch. We’ve also spotted chipmunks and squirrels.

So it appears that we may be buying bird seed again this year.



4 thoughts on “Growing sunflower seeds

  1. Those pesky jays! Haha. What kind of jays do you get there, blue jays?
    They must smell the seeds. I wonder what the world is like to those creatures who can smell a whole landscape. Do the sunflower seeds have a scent to you?

  2. Julia,

    Remember when I posted about my sunflowers and I had a fuzzy one and I said I would let you know what variety it is?

    I just remembered to look again! It is a Citrus or “GIRASOL Citrus” is the official name. My brand of seed was Burpee but I bet there are others too.

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