Prickly pants

Pants covered in prickles

Our trails are a wee bit overgrown. After an evening hike with Baxter, I returned to the house and spent half an hour picking prickles off of my pants.

To be fair, I had ventured off trail for awhile when Baxter decided to choose his own adventure. (Did anyone read those books as a kid? I usually cheated and looked ahead to find what chapter I had to choose to get the good ending). However, half the prickles had already attached themselves to me before I left the path.

I asked Matt whether he thought a big strong man with a chainsaw might find his way out to the back woods. (Some trees are down too). He suggested a little strong woman could do it herself.

So much glamour and gallantry here on the farm.

4 thoughts on “Prickly pants

  1. Our neighbor down the road has a goldendoodle that has the prettiest light tan curly coat. Whenever he passes by the house I make sure to go out and pet him and sometimes his coat looks like your pants. I feel so bad for his owner that has to pick all of those off of him!

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