Happy fall

Morning on the farm on the first day of fall

Summer is hanging on, with hot temperatures and bright sunny days. But leaves are starting to turn and the trees are showing their colours. And officially on the calendar, fall is here.

6 thoughts on “Happy fall

  1. Happy fall to you too! It is definitely fall around here, too. It gets warm in the days, but cools down very quickly at night, and hard. It’s getting dark much earlier and the leaves are starting to turn. Also there is major dew each morning. Ah well! Summer can’t last forever. Time to start thinking of the good things about fall, like sweaters and crisp, invigorating air. 🙂

  2. Happy Autumn 😀

    It seems to have turned very cold at night very quickly over the last few days and we’ve taken to lighting the log burner in the lounge already. We’re determined to hold off from relighting the Rayburn to the end of next week at least. The trees are beginning to turn but there are still loads of runner beans on the school plants and we have a very large pumpkin which seems reluctant to start turning orange, so we need the warmer days to stay for just a little longer 😀

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