September summer keeps the vegetables coming

The first weekend of fall was not at all fall-ish. Temperatures were over 30 degrees (85F), and it felt like 40 degrees (100F+) with the humidity. Matt and I both agreed that it felt like the hottest weekend we’ve had all year.

The good news about summer continuing into fall is that our garden is continuing to grow.

In fact, our blackberries have started blooming.

Blackberry blooms

I don’t think we’re going to get to the berry stage before the weather officially turns–it’s going to happen eventually–but we’ve managed to successfully get to the bean stage with our yellow bush beans.

Matt and I braved the heat on Sunday afternoon to pick our first couple of quarts of the year.

Yellow bush beans

Like our berries, the other crop I’m extremely skeptical about is our first try at eggplant. We were so, so late getting these plants in the ground. We have some beautiful purple little babies finally, but I’m not sure they’ll have time to grow up. (Isn’t the colour amazing?)

Baby eggplant

We picked and froze 35 jalapeno peppers over the weekend and have a whole lot more coming. I’m watching our bell peppers closely hoping they turn red soon.

Our tomatoes are still battling, and I managed to salvage a few dozen cherry tomatoes. I’ll be roasting these off tomorrow.

Zucchini are slowly persisting, although a few got away from me and grew a little too large for my liking. Zucchini bread coming up.

Basket of zucchini

We got such a late start on planting the garden this spring. I’m grateful that the weather has held, so that we actually are able to have a decent growing season. Summer’s my favourite season, so garden or not, I’m really hoping that the hot weather hangs around a little bit longer.

What’s the weather like where you are? What do you think my chances are of harvesting eggplant this year?

8 thoughts on “September summer keeps the vegetables coming

  1. I agree that eggplant is too cute! I have no idea how long it takes one to mature. Honestly, I’ve never even eaten one before. We are supposed to maintain these summer temps until Wednesday then get a break and be more fall-like.

  2. Eggplant 🍆 my favorite food. Hope weather holds so u can harvest some!!
    Wish I could trade weather with u😊. I’ll swap you the heat and humidity in S.C.
    for COLD weather all day long. 90s this week !! Plus now we r having to watch out for hurricanes
    💨💨. Your beans look wonderful — enjoy!!

    Hugs & xoxos to Baxter — send more pics. pls.


  3. The little eggplant! So cute.
    The harvest looks so beautiful! I’m glad you got some tomatoes. Hopefully you will get peppers and eggplant, too. Another good eggplant recipe is moussaka. Here’s hoping your weather holds even longer than predicted.

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