How to change a tractor tire on a Kioti CS2410

Baxter with the flat tractor tire

One of the issues we’ve run into with our little Kioti CS2410 tractor, Wiley, is his front tires not holding air.

The tires are just rubber tires on metal rims. No tubes. So if they’re underinflated or hit something, we’ve found that the seal between the tire and the rim can start to leak.

We added a tube to the front right tire back in our first winter here. The left front tire we left mostly alone, just checking it and reinflating it regularly.

But after Wiley got stuck at the start of the month, the front left tire wouldn’t hold air at all.

Flat tire on a Kioti CS2410

So we popped it off the tractor, took it to the tractor dealership and asked them to put in a tube.

Removing a tire from a Kioti CS2410 is relatively straightforward.

First, with the tire and the tractor still on the ground, we loosened the nuts. Keeping the tractor on the ground ensures that your tire won’t spin while you’re trying to undo the (often very tight) nuts.

How to change a tire on a Kioti CS2410

We found a normal tire iron was too big for the nuts. Instead, we used our socket wrench with a 5/8 socket.

5/8 socket

Once all five nuts were loose, we raised the tractor up with a jack under the front axle. (If you’re on uneven ground like we are, it’s smart to stabilize your jack by putting it on a board).

How to change a tire on a Kioti CS2410

Then we unscrewed the nuts the rest of the way and lifted off the tire. Super easy.

How to change a tire on a Kioti CS2410

Wiley did a balancing act for a few days (we stuck some wood under the axle so we weren’t relying solely on the jack) while the tire was at the repair shop.

How to change a tire on a Kioti CS2410

Once we got our newly tubed tire back, attaching it to the tractor was pretty straightforward.

How to change a tire on a Kioti CS2410

The hardest part was getting the holes perfectly lined up so that the nuts would screw in straight. It was helpful to have two people, one to hold the tire and the other to handle the nuts.

Once we had the nuts finger tight, we lowered the tractor back down onto all four wheels and removed the jack. Then Matt tightened the nuts with the socket again. Like with any tire, follow a star pattern when you’re moving from nut to nut, rather than going around in a circle.

How to change a tire on a Kioti CS2410

And that was it. Then Wiley got to go for a little run on his new wheels.

How to change a tire on a Kioti CS2410

I’ve learned that a tractor–even a small one like Wiley–is indispensable on a farm–even when we’re not farming. We’re very happy to have him back in working order and to not have to worry about flat tires any more.


9 thoughts on “How to change a tractor tire on a Kioti CS2410

  1. This reminds me of a children’s book called “Mr. Magnolia”. (Wiley being Mr. Magnolia in this case.) It ends with “It’s a boot! It’s a boot! Hooray for Mr. Magnolia’s new boot!”
    If you haven’t read it, you really should! 😉

    • That’s my toolbox! My Dad made that for me when I first moved out. I have way too many tools in it, so it’s really heavy, but it has everything we might need when we’re working on a project. It’s a pretty ingenious design. Maybe I need to post about it.

      • Oh, you should! Kit made some tool boxes quite a long time ago on and I made one for myself to put all my paint supplies in. I keep thinking I need to make some more for other organization.

  2. Late to the comments here but I would highly recommend trying some Stan’s Tire Sealant for future flat prevention and leak repair!

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