Starting over – One Room Challenge Week #5

Last week I said that week 4 of the One Room Challenge is the hard one. For me, this time around it was week 5.

Here are the previous updates on this dining room makeover:
Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4

Nothing tragic happened. I started painting the cabinets as I’d planned. But the whole “started” thing felt hard.

Priming cabinet doors

I felt like I was restarting this makeover. I was removing hardware, shelves, drawers, doors. I was patching holes and sanding. I was priming.

Ugh. Prep is not the fun part of DIY for me. Although Ellie enjoyed having a new fort.

Ellie sitting in the china cabinet

Even once I started painting, I wasn’t having fun yet. It just reminded me that I don’t like painting cabinetry. All of the angles, molding and curves that need to be cut in, all of the different pieces that need to be primed and then painted–twice. Just not my favourite.

So that’s a lot of complaining.

Sorry to be a downer.

Snapping out of it now.

I started painting the china cabinet. Yay!

Painting the china cabinet

This was a maybe on my initial task list, so the fact that I got to this part of the makeover is a good accomplishment.

The dining room, which had brightened up a lot already thanks to the lighter paint on the walls, gets brighter every day as the wall of dark brown cabinetry slowly goes fresh creamy white.

I really feel like the white paint is going to transform these circa-1990s entertainment units into a super functional and beautiful china cabinet.

I have another coat to go, but I think it’s doable before the big reveal next week. Next week! We’re almost at the end of this One Room Challenge.

Before we get to the end, check out the other participants’ progress at One Room Challenge.

One Room Challenge Guest Participant logo

Does anyone else struggle with the prep part of DIY? Have you ever had a project where you feel like you’re starting over? Are you yay or nay on painting cabinetry?


5 thoughts on “Starting over – One Room Challenge Week #5

    • It’s been a bit of a balance of persevering and procrastinating. Or taking little breaks to do things I do enjoy–like going out to breakfast as a family on a random weekday morning and doing a few outdoor projects as well.

      I’m also working on recruiting my Mom to come help me out! I think this would go faster with another painter.

  1. Those cabinets are going to look so amazing after all of your hard work!

    Painting wooden furniture is something I’m not against but I do have to think long and hard before jumping in. I think the bottom line is, it has to make the owner happy! As for your’s they came from an era that I wasn’t a big fan of the design and stain choice so I wouldn’t hesitate to paint them myself.

    We just received a small curio cabinet from Steve’s parents. Neither of us are a fan of the finish, it’s golden oak. We are going to take our time and sand and hope that it will stain nicely with a much darker stain. The piece is sentimental but we also want to love the finish!

    • I agree with you on painting most wood. I often cringe when I see people painting over furniture or trim. But it’s honestly not something I even considered with these. You’re right about the era and the finish on these cabinets.

      I like hearing about your approach with your new-to-you curio cabinet. A tone that you’re happy with that highlights the character and quality of the wood sounds like a nice approach in this case.

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