Goodbye grapes

Google reminded me the other day that this photo was taken a year ago.

Ellie picking grapes

First I went, “Aw. The cuteness!” And then I went, “Grapes? Really?”

I’ve been kind of casually watching our grapes, but not paying really close attention. I mostly felt that it would be awhile until they ripened.

But thanks to Google and another reminder from Instgram, I decided I should maybe go take a closer look.

When I did, I realized that even if I haven’t been paying attention, the birds have. Many of our grapes have been gobbled.

The blue Sovereign Coronations are gone. I found one and ate it myself. (Don’t tell Ellie.)

Grapes eaten by birds

The Somersets are still in the process of turning red, but it looks like as soon as one does, that grape is gobbled. I’m going to keep a closer eye, but I’m not sure how many I’ll be able to grab.

Ripening grapes

Ripening grapes

Japanese beetles are still doing a number on the leaves, though they’re wilier and fly away before I can flick them into my bucket of death.

I know netting grapes may  be an option, but that’s not something I’m prepared to do this year.

This year’s garden philosophy is see how it goes. In this instance, they’re almost gone.

But, the beauty of gardening is it comes back again next year and we get to try again.

How is your garden growing? Are you feeding any wildlife? Has harvest snuck up on any one else?


8 thoughts on “Goodbye grapes

  1. Harvest snuck up on me too. Being away at a cottage didn’t help. I’ve made the rounds of my neighbours, giving away green beans, beets, a big tray of tomatoes and a couple of hot peppers. Yesterday I pulled the onions and was unimpressed. Must find someone who would like a bunch of beets. Last year I got no tomatoes at all and this year I’m overrun with them.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one. I also think we can blame this weird year of “what day is it?” “how is it the end of August already?” It sounds like you’ve been able to use the produce, even if not all by yourself. Oh, and I’m a beet fan!

  2. Much of our garden didn’t produce but the weeds are doing really, really well. I lost a race against the bears to get to the raspberries first but seem to be winning the race to the blackberries.

  3. The EXACT same thing happened with my blueberries! I watched them early, then didn’t for a little bit and all of the sudden they were completely gone. I did find a bird’s nest in my blueberry bush so it’s not hard to deduce where they went.

  4. I guess since you keep a bird table for them, they feel entitled to share your bounty! At least you will have happy birds. ❤

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