We have door

I so wish I could say, “We have doors!” in this garage/mudroom update. But all I have to keep it singular. After waiting four months for the doors to arrive, we have to wait a bit more.

Our contractor came with the doors last week. But, the door between the mudroom and garage was wrong. Argh.

It swung the wrong way.

Going all the way back to my initial scribbles, I always had the door swinging into the garage and toward the back wall. Our official blueprints show this configuration. Our contractors and I also discussed the door swings a couple of times.

The door that showed up last week swung into the garage but toward the front. That meant that I’d have to walk around the door every time I wanted to go in or out of the garage.

I’m not willing to compromise, so our contractor scrambled to find a fix.

I’ve been told the right door should arrive this week. However, after a four-month wait for a 6-8 week order, I’m not entirely confident.

On the topic of doors we do have some things to celebrate though.

The garage doors are in (this happened a couple of weeks ago). I’m happy with the simple profile I chose, and best of all, I’m happy with how the colour looks with our board and batten siding. Phew. We are still waiting on the decorative handles and hinges to give them a carriage house look.

The person door that was correct is beautiful. This door leads from the mudroom directly outside. I chose to have a big window in this door, and I’m so glad that I did. The view through the glass and the light coming into the mudroom is better than I hoped.

I’m thinking it’s going to even more lovely once it’s a deep smokey blue-green.

The other high point of the week is that the contractor finished all of the trim in the mudroom (aside from the casing for the missing door).

I chose to use the same baseboard that we used in the basement. Ultimately, I’d like to change all of the baseboards upstairs to this trim.

Rather than going with the matching profile for the door casing, I decided to use a simple flat stock instead. With the panelled walls, I felt like trim would be too busy for me–even though the basement casing is very simple. I asked for a butt joint with a little overhang on the top piece, which appears a bit rustic to me.

Some more flatstock finished off the top of the walls where they meet the cedar plank ceiling.

The room is looking so much more finished. Just ignore the sheet of plywood over the one doorway.

What reno mix-ups have you experienced? Anyone else enjoy the power of trim? Who else is a fan of windows in doors?


4 thoughts on “We have door

  1. I really like the doors! I also am a fan of windows in doors. They add so much light to dark areas. I ordered an in wall cabinet for my bathroom remodel. I had removed the linen closet and wanted to add more cabinets to get back some of the missing storage. I ordered a 6 inch deep cabinet. Think medicine type cabinet. At 6 inches the cabinet sticks out 3 inches. Something I can live with. The cabinet company sent me a 9 inch cabinet. No no no. Was not going to work. I had the paperwork to prove I ordered a 6 inch cabinet. So we had to wait wait wait some more for the new cabinet to be made.

  2. That mudroom is a beautiful space! So bright and light-filled.
    I have questions. Is the colour you linked to for the door itself? Inside, outside or both? And the colour it links to is called Knoxville Gray. Is that the right colour? It wasn’t what I was expecting when I read deep smoky blue green.

    My other questions is in regards to the light fixtures. I thought they were off-center in the last post, but thought it might be the camera angle. Now I see they really are. Is that because there will be furnishings of some sort along the left (in this photo) wall?

    The garage doors look so nice. They are very subtle. The whole garage really blends into the scenery with its earth tones. Have you started parking in the garage yet?

    • I have answers! Knoxville Gray is the colour I chose. It’s definitely on the greyish side of blue-green. Honestly when I saw the sample dab the paint clerk put on the top of the can, I thought it was a bit too grey, but I’m going to give it a try and see. I wanted something a bit subdued, but still a pop of colour. My philosophy it’s only a door, so it’s not a huge deal to repaint if I need to.

      The light fixtures are off centre. Ultimately there will be cabinetry along the side wall, so they were placed to account for that. They will look centred someday!

      We’ve not parked in the garage yet, because we can’t get into the house from there. That’s where the door is missing, and the sheet of plywood, while hinged, only opens from the mudroom side. Fingers crossed we can pull in soon.

      Thanks for taking such an interest in our project.

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