Farm flora

I’ve been having fun watching all of the flowers coming up around the farm this spring. It’s been a process of discovery as I figure out what that green shoot is and what’s planted over there.


I believe this is Solomon’s Seal

Orange lilies

Orange lilies behind the house

Snow on the mountain

Snow on the mountain. This plant grows like crazy at my in-laws’ place, but I couldn’t get it to take at our old house. It turns out that the farm is home to a very robust crop.

Red Japanese maple and green ferns

Red Japanese maple and bright green ferns at the corner of the house

Lily of the valley

Beautiful lily of the valley. Another plant that I couldn’t get to grow at the old house.

Forget me nots

Forget me nots (and maybe a some strawberry blossoms at the top)

Purple iris

Purple iris at the south side of the house


Our most common flower at the farm: the dandelion

What’s your favourite spring flower? Anyone else have a successful dandelion plantation?


6 thoughts on “Farm flora

  1. Wow! Great Photos…they are beautiful…I want to print the Iris and Forget me nots and put them in frames! I can’t wait to come to the farm next to see these in person!

  2. I’m so jealous! Our spring is way over and dry, desert-y, hot summer is here. And the deer found my day lilies so my splash of orange has been digested. 😦 I won’t even mention what they did to my roses – there may be children reading this. 😉

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